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Don't crash any OSN (single-thread invocations, 1 channel, latency mode)



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      1. Create a Fabric network with:
        1. etcd/raft with 3 OSNs (all under the same org) in the system channel (orderersystemchannel)
        2. batchSize.maxMessageCount = 1
        3. 2 peers (all under the same org)
      2. Create application channel channel1 with the same consenter set as orderersystemchannel.
      3. Install samplecc on all peers.
      4. Instantiate with simple endorsement policy requiring only 1 peer to endorse.
      5. Provide scfile (configuration information) to the Performance Traffic Engine (PTE).
      6. The network will be set up in IKS cluster. PTE itself can run in either its own container in the IKS cluster OR in a vLaunch container. For this test we will run in the vLaunch machine (preferred for convenience, but might incur longer transmission delays).
      7. Run with logging enabled (per Raft System Test Epic FAB-13538 comments). Logs must be persistent, so we can retrieve them even in cases where a peer or orderer stops.

      Alternatively, the network could be set up in vLaunch VM instead of IKS, using Docker containers for all network nodes, including the PTE client.


      • Run a test similar to FAB-7647. PTE runs in "latency mode" with one thread, sending 10,000 transactions to one peer, one after another, after each event is received from the peer after validation.
      • PTE will send all traffic on the channel to first orderer.


      • All nodes remain in service throughout the test.
      • 10,002 blocks (genesis plus instantiation plus 10,000 TXs) successfully written to ledger.
      • No errors in the logs of peers and orderers.
      • PTE Test Passes and End2End Latency (avg per transaction) will be reported.
      • No failures or errors reported by PTE.


        1. configtx.yml
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        2. FAB-7647.log
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        3. orderer1.zip
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        4. orderer2.zip
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        5. orderer3.zip
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        6. pteReport.txt
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        7. query_block.log
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