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Test improvements - System Test Suite using k8s



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    • Test improvements - System Test Suite using k8s
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    • Initial system tests automated using Kubernetes environment.
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      Define teststeps and testcases in fabric-test repo for a fabric system test suite which runs traffic with a variety of functionalities and traffic patterns.

      For instance, we will create a network of a certain configuration; the networkspec file will be part of that task, along with providing the command-line instruction (or whatever means) necessary to launch that network using the tools at hand. Another task will be for creating all the channels needed in that network that will be used by the subsequent traffic tests. Another will be to join all the peers to the correct channels (or all of them, if appropriate). etc. etc. And we should have a separate testtask for each testcase, for specifying the commands to run the test and to submit the artifacts (e.g. traffic configuration generation, or couchdb index files, or private data configuration membership, or SBE endorsement policy, etc).

      And more similar tasks for a 2nd network with different config params that will be used for another set of testcases.

      These scripts and components will use new go version of NetworkLauncher/PTE/templates/tools being developed to be more flexible and user-friendly. For more details on those tool enhancement items, refer to FAB-2247 and FAB-6742.

      Refer also to FAB-15587 for the test driver code that uses these pieces (similar in function to runDailyTestSuite.sh and systest_pte.py - whether python or gotest or whatever).

      Plans for three network configurations and the tests are outlined here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1MIz_E0iFC3lCJGCmXCmRvSYt5yvMhzhSK6Bop0QJOAY/edit#gid=1959469699
      It will take some time and tasks (outlined in epic FAB-16240) to add functionality to the new tools to support all the necessary artifacts and functions.


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