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Move fabric-test jobs from LFIT to Azure



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    • Move fabric-test jobs from LFIT to Azure
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      Create new fabric-test build jobs in Azure environment, replacing LFIT jenkins jobs.

      First step of each task is to identify which of the included tests will be ported as is, or modified, or left behind. i.e. Identify which tests and tools can be dropped (OTE, some of PTE, some with NL?). Others might be moved to other repos (possibly CTE to fabric-ca, LTE to fabric ledger component).

      Port jobs in master branch and release-1.4. No older ones.

      Also: Identify which tests are duplicates or otherwise no longer needed and thus can be dropped (OTE, some PTE, some with NL?), or moved to other repos (CTE, LTE).

      Jobs to do:

      • Start with the verify/merge jobs, without the behave tests. After initial test framework is working, also include FAB-16529, after it is ready.
      • daily jobs
      • new k8s daily job
      • new interop job to be used with new CI pipeline and branching strategy
      • and consider porting a longrun job (under 6 hours, or more?) in k8s cluster
      • Repeat for release-1.4


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