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Channel participation API - Join, Leave & List channels w/o a system channel



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      Currently in order to create a channel one needs to issue a config transaction to the system channel. This has privacy, scalability and operational disadvantages, since the system channel (and the orderers running it) is aware of all channels and of all channel members (at creation time).

      In this feature we propose to expose a "channel participation" API that would allow a local orderer administrator to join and leave a channel, as well as to list all the channels that the local orderer is part of. This allows a Fabric network to be operated without the use of a system channel, which improves the privacy and scalability of the ordering service and the network as a whole. It also alleviates some of the operational problems associated with the current style of channel creation.

      This feature is described in an RFC titled "Channel participation api without system channel" (currently PR #24).

      This feature was presented in a Fabric contributor's meeting on April 1st 2020, the presentation is here: Channel Participation API - community call - 1Apr2020.pdf.



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