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Unable to post transactions in STN



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    • STN, running 1.2.50

    • INDY 18.01: Stability+, Sprint 18.02 Stability


      This week we upgraded STN to 1.2.50. Following the upgrade, we have been unable to post transactions to the network. 

      The STN currently has 11 nodes, 8 of which I have visibility into, and 3 of which are managed by other stewards.  As of this writing, init_bls_keys has been run on my 8 nodes, but not on the other 3.  The other stewards have been asked to run this command on their nodes as well.  Since we cannot post transactions, none of the bls keys have been added to the ledger.

      We have changed the log level on our 8 nodes to TRACE, and logs are attached for these nodes, as well as for the cli.

      For reference, a transaction was attempted to be sent after Fri Jan  5 23:40:57 UTC 2018:

      indy@sandbox> send NYM dest=YWfdj3CUEoU7QQdVGdZJQ6 verkey=~3dLg4PLxgcmp5JgT2MQbmj
      Adding nym YWfdj3CUEoU7QQdVGdZJQ6

      The only error seen is this, which may or may not be relevant:

      /var/log/indy/sandbox/mapleleaf.log:2018-01-05 23:28:26,579 | ERROR    | ledger_manager.py    ( 956) | _buildConsistencyProof | mapleleaf cannot build consistency proof till 18 since its ledger size is 12

      One of the external stewards reports that he has 18 transactions on his config ledger, where mine just have 12. I will be pursuing this with him, meanwhile.


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        5. ohi-dvn-e001.evernym.lab.tgz
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        6. sao-stn-p001.tgz
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        7. seo-stn-p001.tgz
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        8. sgp-stn-p001.tgz
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        9. syd-stn-p001.tgz
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