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Pool can't reach consensus after stopping part of nodes without restart of all nodes



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    • indy-node 1.2.255

    • INDY 18.01: Stability+, Sprint 18.02 Stability, Sprint 18.03 Stability, DKMS


      Steps to Reproduce:
      1. Setup pool of 5 node.
      2. Send NYM transaction to check that pool works.
      3. Stop indy-node on node 1.
      4. Send NYM transaction to check that pool still works.
      5. Stop indy-node on node 2.
      6. Send NYM transaction to check that there is no consensus.
      7. Stop indy-node on node 3, send NYM transaction to check that there is no consensus.
      8. One by one start services on nodes 1 - 3 (order doesn't matter), send NYM transaction after each node connection.
      => indy-node is running on each node, but transactions are not written.
      9. Restart indy-node on each node and send NYM transaction.

      Actual Results:
      Pool can reach consensus only after restarting of all nodes.

      Expected Results:
      Pool should reach consensus when n-f nodes are working.

      Additional Information:
      After stopping of 2 nodes instead of 3, all works correctly.
      It doesn't matter, which nodes are stopped. In case of stopping nodes 3 - 5, behavior is the same.


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