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Adding new schema, field 'attr_names' of schema json can be an empty list.



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    • OS: ubuntu16.04

      Libindy: 1.3.0

      Wrapper: python

      indy-node: 1.2.50

      indy-plenum: 1.2.29

      indy-anoncred: 1.0.11

      sovrin: 1.1.7

    • Sprint 18.05


      When I use libindy to build and submit schema request to ledger, I realize that ledger can accept the schema whose 'attr_names' is an empty list.

      Reproduce steps when using libindy.

        Step Data
      1 Create a pool ledger config.
      pool.create_pool_ledger_config(pool_name, pool_config).
      pool_name = 'test_pool'
      pool_config = {'genesis_txn': pool_transactions_sandbox_genesis}
      2 Open pool ledger and get 'pool_handle'.
      pool_name = 'test_pool'
      3 Create a wallet.
      wallet.create_wallet(pool_name, wallet_name, None, None, None).
      pool_name = 'test_pool'
      wallet_name = 'test_wallet'
      4 Open wallet and get 'wallet_handle'.
      wallet.open_wallet(wallet_name, None, None).
      wallet_name = 'test_wallet'
      5 Create and store did of default trustee as 'did_default_trustee'.
      signus.create_and_store_my_did(wallet_handle, did_json).
      wallet_handle in step 4.
      did_json = '{'seed': '000000000000000000000000Trustee1'}'.
      6 Build schema request and store created request as 'schema_req'.
      ledger.build_schema_request(submitter_did, schema_json).
      submitter_did = did_default_trustee.
      schema_json = '{'name': 'test', 'version': '1.0', 'attr_names': []}'
      7 Submit 'schema_req' to ledger by role steward.
      ledger.sign_and_submit_request(pool_handle, wallet_handle, submitter_did, schema_req).
      pool_handle in step 2.
      wallet_handle in step 4.
      submitter_did = did_default_trustee.
      schema_req in step 9.

      Expected result: SDK throws an error when the parameters it receives are incorrect.
      Actual result: ledger accepts the request. 


      However, when I execute command manually in CLI to submit schema request, the program works well with 'keys' parameter that is not assigned to any value.

      Reproduce steps when executing manually:

      1. Open command prompt.
      2. Execute command 'indy'.
      3. Execute command 'connect sandbox'.
      4. Execute command 'new key with seed 000000000000000000000000Trustee1'.
      5. Execute command 'send SCHEMA name=test version=1.0 keys='.

      Expected result: the schema request cannot be sent.

      Actual result: 'invalid syntax' message displays and user cannot submit schema request.




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