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Prove stability under a DOS of an Indy network



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      Before encouraging people to use the Sovrin network for live loads, we need to prove that network stability will be preserved even if availability to the network is denied due to very high loads.

      Acceptance Criteria
      Perform a test of an Indy network that has the following attributes:

      • The ledger is pre-loaded with at least 1 million transactions
      • Pool size at least matches the number of network nodes initially expected in the Sovrin network (currently 25 nodes).
      • While maintaining a base line of legitimate read and write transactions, flood the pool with sufficient new read and write requests so that the external connection buffer is full and requests are denied for 10 minutes.
        • These requests should be in a similar mix to INDY-1343 (90% reads / 10% writes)
        • The requests should come from at least 10K concurrent connections
        • Throughput sufficient to cause the pool to delay in responding
      • Stop flooding the pool and allow the network to catch up.
      • Report on:
        • the level of traffic necessary to cause the network to deny new connections
        • any inconsistencies in the state of the pool after the network has caught up
        • the time necessary for the network to catch up and begin processing new transactions

      Any problems found will be logged in JIRA as separate issues for independent prioritization.

      As part of this issue, it is recognized that it will be necessary to create a load testing tool sufficient to perform the test.


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