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DOC: Request for release notes on Indy-node 1.4.66



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      Version Information
      indy-node 1.4.66
      indy-plenum 1.4.45
      indy-anoncreds 1.0.11
      sovrin 1.1.11

      Major Fixes
      INDY-1410 - One of the nodes stopped writing after 44287 txns with errors in status
      INDY-1365 - Pool stopped accepting transactions on 5731 txns (1 sec delays, no logging)
      INDY-1315 - Pool stopped writing after ~300,000 txns from 5 clients
      INDY-1351 - STN not accepting transactions with only one node down
      INDY-1260 - Pool stops taking txns at ~178k txns written in ledger
      INDY-1327 - `ReqIdrToTxn` does not store information about the ledger
      INDY-1341 - Simple Timeout fixes of the current View Change protocol
      INDY-1379 - Migration fails in case of upgrade to version with new transactions format
      INDY-1318 - --network parameter of read_ledger doesn't work
      INDY-1310 - The /var/log/indy/validator-info.log is inappropriately owned by root
      INDY-1298 - Fix the issues found in the current logic of catch-up
      INDY-1363 - GetValidatorInfo should have correct validation for signature and permissions
      INDY-1316 - Unhandled exception during node working
      INDY-1219 - validator-info and read_ledger give inconsistent responses in node on provisional
      INDY-1259 - Pool stops taking txns at 3000 writing connections

      Changes and Additions
      INDY-810 - Review and replace 'assert' with exceptions in indy-plenum where needed
      INDY-1245 - Tune RocksDB options for the best performance
      INDY-1392 - As a developer, I need to have migration guide from Indy-node 1.3 to 1.4
      INDY-1370 - –°hange key in requests map and field reqIdr in Pre Prepare and Ordered
      INDY-1400 - Investigate issues found during load testing of 25-nodes pool with increased timeouts for catchups and viewchange
      INDY-1332 - Support binding on separate NICs for Client-to-Node and Node-to-Node communication
      INDY-1329 - Add short checkpoints stabilization without matching digests
      INDY-1323 - Add indy-crypto package to hold list
      INDY-1297 - Remove ledger status based catch-up trigger together with wrong catch-up workflow
      INDY-1243 - Read-ledger without storage copy in case of RocksDB (RocksDB read-only mode support)
      INDY-971 - Apply state machine to Catchup code
      INDY-1124 - Refactor common Request structure
      INDY-1123 - Refactor common transactions structure
      INDY-1319 - Support new libindy with changed txn format
      INDY-1334 - Explore config parameters to find the best performance/stability settings
      INDY-1175 - Extend of Validator Info tool to provide more information about the current state of the pool
      INDY-1184 - A Steward needs to be able to get validator-info from all nodes
      INDY-1279 - Modify existing load scripts for a better load testing
      INDY-1244 - Migration from LevelDB to RocksDB
      INDY-1173 - A Trustee needs to be able to restart the pool in critical situations
      INDY-1275 - Move log compression into separate process

      Known Issues
      INDY-1415 - Incorrect read_ledger info with seq_no parameter

      Pool upgrade should be performed simultaneously for all nodes due to txn format changes.
      All indy-cli pools should be recreated with actual genesis files.
      Added and promoted nodes should be restarted (`systemctl restart indy-node`) after adding/promoting.

      List of breaking changes for migration from indy-node 1.3 to 1.4:

      IndyNode 1.4 and LibIndy 1.5 compatibility:


      By default LibIndy 1.5 will be compatible with IndyNode 1.3 (current stable), and not 1.4 (the new one).
      LibIndy 1.5 can become compatible with IndyNode 1.4 if `indy_set_protocol_version(2)` is called during app initialization.

      Guideline for teams and apps

      Applications can freely update to LibIndy 1.5 and still use stable Node 1.3
      If an app wants to work with the latest master or Stable Node 1.4, then they need to
      support breaking changes (there are not so many, mostly a new reply for write txns as txn format is changed, see 1.3_to_1.4_migration_guide.md)
      call `indy_set_protocol_version(2)` during app initialization

      CLI Upgrading:

      Old CLI (`indy`):

      • upgrade from 1.3 to 1.4 version
      • delete `~.ind-cli/networks/<network_name>/data` folder
      • replace both old genesis files by new ones (from 1.4 node or from sovrin repo)

      New CLI (`indy-cli`):

      • upgrade from 1.4 to 1.5 version
      • recreate indy-cli pool using 1.4 pool genesis file (from 1.4 node or from sovrin repo)

      Use https://github.com/hyperledger/indy-sdk/blob/b4a2bb82087e2eafe5e55bddb20a3069e5fb7d0b/cli/README.md#old-python-based-cli-migration to export dids from your old CLI wallet to the new one (new indy-cli).




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