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      In order to find out proper values for ZMQ queue sizes and a number of messages we process by each run of the looper (DEFAULT_LISTENER_QUOTA, DEFAULT_SENDER_QUOTA, ZMQ_CLIENT_QUEUE_SIZE, ZMQ_NODE_QUEUE_SIZE), we need to measure the following:

      • How many messages we process in one run in node-to-node and client-to-node stacks
        • under the load and not
        • average, minimum and maximum values, distribution graph)
      • How much time each run of the looper takes (from one call to network stack to another)
      • Size of 3PC batches
      • Size of messages
      • How many node-to-node messages we have for 1 3PC Batch and 1 request
      • How many transport Batches we create and their size (on both KB and number of messages)

      For each value we need to measure:

      • System not under load
      • System with a steady-state of significant load (see INDY-1343)
        We need to know the average, minimum and maximum values, distribution graph.
        This baseline testing should only follow our recommended production configuration.

      This baseline testing does not include:

      • Edge cases
      • Forced view changes
      • Combinations of the various configuration values

      Acceptance criteria

      • Hooks in the code to perform the measurement
      • A spreadsheet with info above
      • A summary document (about 1 page) of findings and recommendations for network node resourcing that can be provided to the Sovrin Foundation
      • Identified improvements should be raised as separate issues


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