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Promotion Workflow - Potential race condition when restarting node after promotion



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    • EV 18.18 Service Pack 2, EV 18.19


      When running the Demote Replica Chaos experiment defined by INDY-1541, one or more nodes persistently get "stuck" even following the prescribed restart following node promotion.

      ashcherbakov asked that I log this issue and attach the following artifacts:

      1. Logs for demoted/promoted nodes
      2. Logs for at least 1 normal node

      Identical steps to those executed by the Demote Replica Chaos experiment were exercised manually and thus removed chaostoolkit/chaosindy from the equation and was unable to reproduce the problem. Perhaps there is a race condition caused by the programmatic execution of the steps faster than can be done manually?

      Manual steps and their results are outlined in the following comment on INDY-1541:


      The attached logs are for the following nodes:

      Node1 - Was the master before indy-node was stopped to force view change. What you see in the screenshot is Node1's state following a indy-node service start on Node1 immediately AFTER promoting Node3 and Node4 (indy-node was restarted on Node3 and Node4 as prescribed by the "node promotion workflow")

      Node4 - The demoted node that has the correct/expected state following promotion and indy-node service restart

      Node3 - The demoted node that has the incorrect/unexpected state following promotion and indy-node service restart

      Node2 - The replica that became the master after indy-node on Node1 was stopped.


        1. Node1.log
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        3. Node3.log
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        4. Node4.log
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