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3PC Batch should preserve the order of requests when applying PrePrepare on non-primary



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      Primary doesn't preserve the order of requests it applied them, so it may lead to different results of dynamic validation and Suspicious Exception on non-primaries.

      It may lead to a lot of View Changes.


      • When master primary creates a PrePrepare it iterates through requests in some order, let's say [R1, R2, R3, R4, R5]
      • Let's assume that request R1 and R2 can be created only after R3, so they fail dynamic validation.
      • As a result, a list of valid requests is [R3, R4, R5], and a list of invalid is [R1, R2].
      • When PrePrepare is created, it get a list of reqs as valid + invalid, that is [R3, R4, R5, R1, R2], which is not equal to the initial list the master primary iterated through.
      • Non-primary replicas will apply PrePrepares in the order as specified in PrePrepare, that is [R3, R4, R5, R1, R2], and for it R1 and R2 will pass dynamic validation since R3 is already created.
      • So, non-primaries will raise Suspicious code and trigger view change.


      Acceptance criteria:

      • Preserve the order of requests for master primary in PrePrepare
      • Have a bitmask to mark invalid requests
      • Extend dynamic validation to eack the bitmask
      • Enhance creation of Ordered requests to get only the valid ones


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