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Improve usability of current pool automation PoC



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      Current PoC pool automation require changing root playbooks in order to alter configuration parameters, which is inconvenient and error prone.
      It would be much better to have following workflow:

      • create experiment directory using some tool (probably bash/python script or yet another playbook)
        • invocation of tool should be as simple as something like init_pool <experiment-name>
        • directory should be populated with some sensible default configuration, including number and type of instances created and versions of software installed
        • ideally experiment directory should be usable as ansible inventory (so later ansible invocations could look as simple as ansible-playbook -i <experiment-name> <playbook-name>)
        • probably it would be also good to have some software configuration files (like indy_config.py) in experiment directory as well
        • subsequent invocation of tool with same experiment name should NOT overwrite existing directory
      • modify parameters/configuration files in experiment directory
      • run pool_create/pool_install/whatever playbook passing experiment directory (or some subdirectory) as inventory
      • playbooks are allowed to modify experiment directory (for example to update information about hosts or retrieve logs)
      • when done run pool_destroy (which should shut down AWS instances), attach retrieved data to JIRA issue if needed and delete experiment directory

      Probably this better be done in conjunction with INDY-1788


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