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      I realize there are Dockerfiles scattered throughout the various Indy repositories, but this proposal is to actually have an official (signed) Dockerhub repository for/from Hyperledger Indy.  Officially sanctioned images.

      Separate image builds/streams for:

      • "base" aka the dependencies for all Indy componentry
      • "node" for a potential Steward
      • "cli" for clients
      • "sdk" as a base for folks wanting to incorporate the Indy SDK into their apps

      Note that I am not referring here to "you can get this up and running by following this 20 page guide and debugging the mistakes that happen along the way."

      I'm talking the level of image that you get from one of the core or OSS-contributed libraries on Dockerhub to where the image is minimized (meaning only the production dependencies are included) and streamlined.

      Basically, imho, a user should be able to say

      $ docker run -it hyperledger-indy/node 

      And have a basically configured node up and running. Now, obviously they will need to customize it beyond that and it won't connect to a network, but my point is that they shouldn't need to build images themselves.

      Similarly, it'd be wonderful if a user could go:

      $ docker run -it hyperledger-indy/cli 

      And get the indy> prompt, ready to use his/her wallet to start running transactions.

      Similar to INDY-1794, it would be nice if I want to run a Node on the Sovrin network, I should be able to run:

      $ docker run -it hyperledger-indy/validator:mainnet

      Which should contain the build with the package levels required to comply/function on the Provisional network.

      It looks like maybe some work was started on this here:


      But I guess to me it would be way more useful if Dockerhub's free CI (Travis) hosting was used to automatically push out the streams for these builds for available for all to pull and use in docker, docker-compose, kubernetes.


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