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validator maintains pace with network, exactly 12 transactions behind



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    • ESN test pool, running Indy-node 1.0.28

    • 11, 13, 14, 12, INDY 17.21


      While running a low-load (1 transaction per minute) test on the ESN validator network, one node, metis, posted transactions to its copy of the ledger, but exactly 12 transactions behind the rest of the network.  That is, while the rest of the network had 15175, metis had 15163 transactions.  The transactions in the ledger up to 15163 are complete and match the first 15163 transactions of the rest of the network.  When the next transaction is posted, metis will have 15164 transactions, and this last transaction will match the 15164th transaction of the rest of the nodes.  The rest of the nodes will remain 12 transactions ahead of metis.

      The load test has been terminated, and metis remains 12 transactions behind.  We are able to do more tests with this network, as debugging requires.

      When logs are made available by the unicorn client, they will be posted here.


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