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Incubation: Proper file folder paths for system service



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      13, 14, INDY 17.21, INDY 17.22, INDY 17.23


      We need to use proper file folder paths for system service: usr, var, etc, user-configuration vs system configuration, folders for network configuration so multiple networks can co-exist

      The most urgent task here is likely the file and folder location refactor, we will want to reorganize how things are laid out as soon as we can, before we pick up more production use cases and grow the network. I walked through this with Dan and Devin and have attached an outline of what we discussed (see attached image). Notice the paths under /var, /etc and $HOME/.indy. The variables at the top of the board could be used as potential substitutes. We also talked about having some sort of environment variable(s) so that system users can overwrite the home folder location to something more suitable. Notice that this was from a brainstorming session, there is nothing set in stone. Please add your thoughts and suggestions. Obviously some plan as to how we can migrate files from existing locations in the current network will be important. I look forward to hearing what tickets you think will be needed.


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