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Get Schema don't support anoncred work flow



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      The API function indy_verifier_verify_proof requires schema for each claim used in the proof. So the verifier must lookup schema on the ledger. But the proof don't provide sufficient information to look up the schema.

      To look up a schema you need the dest and data. The data entry must have the name and version of the schema. So really you need three elements. Dest (a did), Schema name and Schema version. 

      If we trace back, in the proof we get schema_seq_no and issuer_did for each claim used in the proof. The two elements are sufficient to retrieve a claim_def. But don't provide any element needed for the schema. (the issuer_did could be the dest if they happen to be the same did but do not have to be and we don't have any way to know if they are). 

      If we look at the claim_def there is no schema information except the sequence number in the form of the ref field. But still not helpful in looking up the schema in the ledger.


      I've logged this ticket in indy-sdk but the solution may require changes to the ledger.



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