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Load test and indy-cli can't connect to the pool after several executions of load test on large pool



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    • indy-node 1.3.51 (stable)
      libindy 1.3.1~371
      indy-cli 1.3.1~371

      QALive pool (7+18 nodes)


      Steps to Reproduce:
      1. Setup the pool of 7 nodes with 1.2.50 version.
      2. Add 18 nodes with 1.2.50 version to the pool.
      3. Write ~100 transactions to the pool.
      4. Upgrade the pool to 1.3.51 version.
      5. Run the load test several times using following command:
      for s in `seq 1 2000` ; do python3 Perf_Add_nyms.py -n 500 -s 25 ; done

      Actual Results:
      About 25800 transactions were successfully written, after that load test freezes on connection to the pool. Indy-cli also can't connect to the pool. But old cli works without any issues.

      Expected Result:
      Load test and indy-cli should connect to working pool.

      Additional Information:
      Following action were performed after this problem:

      • Remove existing pool and wallet.
      • - It didn't help. Pool created, but connection don't work.
      • Upgrade libindy to latest master version.
      • - After this, load test worked only once. Second time it also freezes on connection to the pool.

      Logs with RUST_LOG=indy=trace attached.

      This problem blocks load testing on new RC.


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            ozheregelya Olga Zheregelya
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